Toxi’s Top 100 Anime and Manga Part 1

Part 1 of 2

***not in any sort of order or favorites.


1) Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

2) Hellsing

3) Dragonball

4) Freezing

5) acchi kocchi

6) Trinity Seven

7) Macross Frontier

8) Chuunibyu demo koi ga shiita!

9) Moretsu Pirates

10) To Love-Ru

11) To Love-ru Darkness

12) Soul Eater

13) Naruto

14) Denpa Kyoushi

15) One Piece

16) Kuroshitsuji

17) accel world

18) Queen’s blade

19) Queen’s blade Rebellion

20) G Gundam

21) Gundam Wing

22) Dance in the vampire Bund

23) Bleach

24) Ragnarok- manhwa

25) Negima!

26) 11 eyes

27) Captain Harlock

28) Galaxy Railways

29) Ikkitousen series

30) Yu-gi-oh!

31) Tenjou tenge

32) Yu-gi-oh! GX- meh

33) Yu-gi-oh! 5d’s – pretty interesting

34) Yu-gi-oh ZEXAL – interesting

35) Yu Yu Hakusho

36) Dragon ball Z

37) Air Gear

38) Hayate no Gotoku!

39) cat girl nuku nuku series

40) Angel Beats!

41) Aquarion Evol

42) Asobi ni iku yo!

43) Asura Cryin’

44) Azumanga Daioh

45) Baby please kill me!

46) Baccano!

47) Bakemonogatari

48) Beck

49) Beelzebub

50) Beyblade

51) B gata H kei

52) binbougami ga!

53) Sailor Moon series

54) Puella magi madoka magica

55) Black jack

56) Black Lagoon

57) Blood C

58) Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai

59) Burst Angel

60) C3

61) Cardcaptor Sakura

62) Casshern sins

63) Chaos;head

64) chobits

65) chrono crusade

66) beast wars

67) code geass

68) comic party

69) cosmo warrior zero

70) cowboy bebop

71) C: the money and the possibility of control

72) coyote ragtime show

73) Persona 4

74) cutey honey

75) Dirty PAir

76) cyborg 009

77) deadman wonderland

78) demonbane

79) detective conan

80) devil hunter yohko

81) digimon series

82) disgaea

83) divergence eve

84) D.N. Angel

85) Dragon ball GT – it wasn’t very good 2nd time through

86) pretty cure series

87) Durarara!

88) el cazador de la bruja

89) Eureka seven

90) Haruhi suzumiya series

91) Ergo proxy

92) escaflowne

93) excel saga

94) evangelion

95) fairy tail

96) fate/stay night franchise – some of them

97) FLCL

98) Fushigi yugi

99) Franken Fran

100) full metal panic series

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Which Anime and/or Manga Should Toxi Review Next?



Got a poll up for the first time. I want YOUR feedback on what anime or manga or both that I should review next.

So tired.

I think I’ll go to bed soon. Maybe watch some anime and read some manga, and write a review or two. Who knows.

Toxi’s Anime/Manga Corner: Binbougami Ga! Manga

Hi everyone, Toxi here with a new review. This week I will be reviewing the manga/anime series Binbougami ga! For all intensive purposes I will be reviewing the manga series of Binbougami ga!, so I can go back and re-watch the rest of the anime.



For a supernatural comedy manga, Binbougami ga! is actually one of a few that I would recommend. The series basically deals with the balance between fortune and misfortune, and heaps upon heaps of jokes. The series is about a high school girl named Ichiko Sakura, and her unfortunate possession by a binbougami named Momiji. Technically, Sakura is not possessed in the usual sense, just that she is the cause of a change in the balance between fortune and misfortune.
Sakura seems like the bipolar character at times, and most of the time, she’s just a complete bitch. Yeah, she has a troubled childhood, and a bad experience in elementary school, but still, her personality just makes the bitchy character shine emanate from her. Its like she lives for it. Although, there is only one person that she really cares about, initially, her butler named Suwano…who is oh so very much alive. She is also, very stuck-up and selfish. For example, there is a page where Momiji makes her first appearance and asks Sakura for her good fortune energy, in order to preserve the balance. Its obvious to see how Sakura responds to Momiji.
While Sakura is the total bitch, the binbougami  Momiji and her familiar Kumagai ( literally a sentient deformed teddy bear), is smart and calculating, but extremely lazy and laid back. Funny thing is, the whole lazy trait seems to be plentiful in among the binbougami. Especially Momiji’s boss and comrades at times.
The story is really well done, and the dialogue of the characters cements it. Granted, a decent amount of the character dialogue is a bunch of jokes, and references to other manga and anime series. Or Momiji explaining the effects of the various misfortune god items she uses. You read that right. Momiji uses various misfortune god items and convoluted plans in order to get Sakura’s fortune energy. Funny thing is that, these items cost money, which when considering they are called Binbougami, is a logical comparison to say the least. Plus, Momiji brings it up a lot throughout the 1st 41 chapters of the manga.
This manga, and its anime counterpart, are similar, but are also different. I won’t go into more of this until a different review. But lets just put one key difference between the two counterparts. In the anime: Suwano ( Sakura’s butler) appears until AFTER the 1st episode, while in the manga, he doesn’t officially appear in any sort of character detail until around chapter 37 and ends at chapter 41. He only appears in flashbacks and short segments to show continuity. The continuity coming from Sakura’s letters to Suwano. They show Suwano reading the letters she sends him.
Overall, I would highly recommend this manga series, and possibly its anime counterpart, once I re-watch it. The manga is especially humorous, it tends to ramble at times or be similar to other chapters (in some cases), but the humor is very witty. A definite read for any manga and anime fan.

Final grade: A

Toxi’s Review Corner: Persona 4

This week: Persona 4.

*Just so you readers know I will attempt to be unbiased in this review, however, that does not mean that I won’t be biased at certain times throughout. Also, this article may contain spoilers from the anime/game.

This particular anime is based off of the popular video game of the same name, called Persona 4. It is a part of the Shin Megami Tensei video game franchise. I have never played the Persona 4 video game, so I do not know if they are similar or different.

The plot of the Persona 4 anime is about Narukami yu and his friends trying to figure out who is killing people in the town of Inaba, Japan. Narukami is living in Inaba for unknown reasons, but after the year in the anime, he will move back to where he is from. During the process of the school year, through interacting with the other main protagonists (Satonaka Chie, Amagi, Kanji, Kujikawa Rise, Naoto, and Teddie) he becomes less dull. The first couple episodes confirmed this.

While I was watching the anime, I started to feel like the main characters at certain points. I felt like I could not be honest with who I truly am. This key point is the whole backbone of both the Persona video game series. Its about realizing that one’s own shadow, is actually a part of oneself, and that by realizing that, one overcomes their past.

I felt like the in terms of continuity, it is rather interesting with how the anime and the video game are set up with day and time. Throughout the anime, there is a calendar that shows up, and advances the timeline. So the continuity is actually there and watchable.

The dialogue, was at times, rather dull and boring, but overall it was pretty good. I could tell that the individual who wrote the scripts for the dialogue was doing a decent job at using normal everyday talk, with key points in the story, and with intense emotional impact. During episode 20 something, Nanako Dojima is upset that her dad, Detective Dojima, is putting more effort into work and trying to find his wife’s killer, then spending time with her, for example. This was an emotionally intense episode. I literally almost cried while watching some of the episodes.

There were times were I was surprised by the reactions. For example, the episode where Kanji is facing his Shadow. I thought his reactions to what his shadow was saying to him was rather humorous, but also somewhat sad. You really had to feel bad for the Kanji. Another example is when the Narukami, Rise, Amagi, Chie, Naoto, and Teddie are in a club while on a class trip. The think they are drunk, despite not having anything alcoholic to drink. They play a game of dares that gets humorous really fast.
Overall, despite not knowing much about Persona 4, other then that its a video game series, I found it really fun and cool. It got my attention really fast, and held it until the end. In terms of dialogue, at times it was bland or overly dramatic, and at others it fit the mood and situation. But it was fun to watch. The development of the characters, is one of my favorite parts of the series. Why? It is because of how they face their own inner demons, in order to find out who is killing people in the town where they live.

Final Grade: A